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GIVING BACK TO THE COMMUNITYCool ways yogis are giving back around the world

My Favorite Give Back Project : SERES
By:Meg Hanebutt
Location/City: Antigua,Guatemala

What is the SERES :Seres empowers local Guatemalan youth to design and create sustainable environmental projects to implement in their own communities. Seres holds leadership conferences in which young local future leaders are trained and empowered to generate projects that promote lasting positive change in their neighborhoods.

My Personal Story with the SERES : As an educator, I have always believed in empowering students to be leaders of local and global change. Seres humbly walks that talk and it is inspiring to see Guatemalan citizens and ex-patriots working together to change the trajectory of Guatemala. My mentor, Sherry Miller is Vice President of the board for SERES and she graciously introduced me to its co-founder, Corrina Grace. I was honored and inspired to see the program that she was developing and the energy that both of them has is contagious. The incredible results that they have achieved in the past 5 years has confirmed for me that an education in empowerment is necessary to create a better world in the future.

Great Qualities SERES has : The founders of SERES believe that the way to improve an individual, community and nation is through the education and empowerment of citizens. Instead of coming to a developing country and implementing a series of aid programs that may or may not be truly helpful to the local population, the founders of SERES recognize that the smartest and most successful programs must come from within the local community and be supported by the global community. SERES is working to embrace the potential of the 15,000,000 people under the age of 30 in Guatemala and El Salvador and empower and educate them to be leaders of positive change in their respective countries.

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