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Decor Tips to Boost Mindfulness and RelaxationBy Cassie Brower Posted 06-Mar-2017


What’s better than coming home after a long day at the office? Ideally, the answer should be “nothing,” but for many of us home is just a space where more work is needed from us. There is dinner to cook, dishes to do, homework to help with - it seems like it never ends.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to make those duties go away. This is why so many of us turn to yoga; a regular practice can give us a sense of calm, as we can spend at least a half-hour class with no other goal but finding our center and inner calm. Why not let those yoga principles - mindfulness, focus, peacefulness - bleed into other aspects of your life?

If your home promotes relaxation, mindfulness, and calm (the way your daily yoga practice does), you just might find that getting everything done feels less like a chore, making you feel better overall. So how do you do it? Here are a few guidelines for helping you boost the relaxation levels in your home:

The Colors

Color theory is the belief that different colors have different effects on our psychological states. The right colors stimulate feelings of comfort and calms, while other can make us feel more awake, happy, or alone, depending on the color. Make sure your home decor uses the right colors, especially the bedrooms and studies where relaxation and mindfulness is most needed. Greens and blues are ideal for calm, while shades like deep purple can help stimulate meditation.

For example, in my home office I’ve painted one accent wall a rich plum color. In this area I keep my yoga mat and an essential oil diffuser. Throughout my day, I can take a break from writing and do a few poses: warrior one and two to get my blood pumping, camel pose to keep my posture upright, and then corpse pose to meditate and gather my thoughts. The dark wall both calms my nerves and encourages meditation and mindfulness - which not only helps my yoga practice, but helps me focus as I go through my workday!

The Windows

Believe it or not, the air in your house could be part of the reason you’re feeling rotten. So many of us live in a closed up world these days. From our homes and cars to our offices, we simply don’t get any fresh air. However, opening up a window will give you both fresh air and natural light - both of which can help promote calm in a room. Open up a window when you get home for a nice gulp of fresh air, or open them up before you leave for the morning so you have an aired out house to come back to.

Between blogging and watching my little ones, I spend most of my day at home. I make a point to open the windows when I first get up, which makes my morning asana a literal sun salutation. I find this a great way to start my day; I get a breath of fresh air and I greet the day with some natural sunlight and vitamin D. As someone who is not a morning person, it really helps me get out of my morning funk!

The Plant life

Nature is something that promotes mindfulness in just about everyone. Don’t believe me? Think for a moment about why so many computer home screens are rolling green hills or towering mountains. The images are beautiful, but they also promote a sense of awe, wherein little people like us realize just how big the world really is. That, my friend, is a sort of mindfulness! But here’s a secret: you can recreate that feeling without dragging a mountain into your living room. Instead, add a floral arrangement or two. The plants will add a new life and color to your home!

Flowers haven’t always been a part of my decorating aesthetic - in fact, I used to think they were a waste of money. But after my daughter begged me to buy her a bouquet at the grocery store (she was too cute to resist), I was shocked by the amazing change I saw in my home. My groggy, cranky kids smiled when they spotted that brightly colored bouquet in the morning. I found myself stopping to sniff them as I bustled around during the day. With one simple change, we managed to boost morale throughout the house - and that was worth every penny.

The Technology

This is actually one of the most important ways to promote relaxation in your home: TURN OFF YOUR TECHNOLOGY! Obviously, you can’t do this in every room of the house, but try to limit smartphone and tablet use in those rooms that you want to really keep serene, like the bedroom. Keeping your smartphone out of your room, for example, can really help you unwind in the evenings. With no apps to distract you, you are more likely to take some meditative breaths and find your inner peace - which makes for a great night’s sleep.

Trust me, I know that this is a tough thing to implement. When I first tried the no-screens rule, my husband and I had a harder time than the kids! It’s so easy to get wrapped up in our busy lives; if we don’t have our phones close by, we say, we might miss an important phone call or email! But in reality, taking a break from work (and your technology) is hugely important for your mental health. Once you get accustomed to unplugging each day, you will reap huge benefits like lower stress levels and improved piece of mind.


Cassie Brewer is a makeup artist and freelance writer living in sunny Southern California. She writes about diet and wellness in order to help others not only be beautiful on the outside, but radiant on the inside. Read more and follow @cassiembrewer


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    Throughout my day, I can take a break from writing and do a few poses: warrior one and two to get my blood pumping, camel pose to keep my posture upright, and then corpse pose to meditate and gather my thoughts.


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