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Packing for a Stress-free, Blissful Yoga RetreatBy Posted 28-Nov-2016



As you embark on a journey toward total bliss and pure awareness, make sure you're prepared for anything. Your first international yoga retreat is one that you must properly plan in order to get the most out of it. Avoid normal travel stress and anxiety by packing thoroughly when it comes to apparel, yoga gear, nutritional provisions, technology and other everyday items. Here are some tips to guide you:




Don’t skimp on clothing for this trip. You'll be active and going through your yoga apparel quickly, especially if your retreat is in a rural setting where there aren’t ample laundry facilities. Make sure you pack a good number of yoga pants and shirts. Also, make sure you have a variety of shorts, pants, tanks and long-sleeves that can accommodate any temperature. You may be in a warm environment that doesn't require as many layers or you could have a chilly sunrise session that you’ll need to bundle up for.


Yoga Gear


Most retreat facilities will have equipment for you, however some may not. Check in with the program and see what their gear policy is. One recommendation is that you travel with your own yoga mat, as it is one that you're accustomed to. It also reduces the amount of bacteria you may come in contact with. If you are using shared mats, antibacterial cleaner can only sanitize so much. You could also bring any supplementary gear like your own blocks or a stylish yoga towel from Manduka.


Nutritional Provisions


As you'll be engaged in frequent recreational activity, make sure you have enough nutritional foods that will boost your energy. The retreat facilities will offer meals that will keep you satiated, however you may need some extra nutritional supplements that they don’t provide. Pack yourself some superfood bars that are allowed through customs.RXBARs are gluten free, made with all natural ingredients and have ample protein. You could also pick up some nuts and trail mix varietals from the airport of the country you land in before you head out to your retreat location.




Your retreat is a place where you can unplug and connect with yourself and nature. However, you will need access to a phone to keep in touch with your family or in case of emergency. Make sure you have a phone that is connected with a provider that offers deals on international calls or texts. If you're on T-Mobile's network, you're given free international texting with the Samsung Galaxy S7. Bring along some outlet adapters so your phone can stay charged while you’re on your trip.


Everyday Health and Wellness


Pack some supplies that will keep you safe and healthy. Bring along some high SPF sunscreen that will keep your skin protected if you’re in a sunny location. If you plan to have your lotion in a carry-on, make sure it is travel sized so you won’t have any issues with airport security. Also, bring a little first aid kit that has everything you may need in case of an emergency. If you are traveling outside of the retreat grounds, you may find yourself in a situation that requires minor medical care. You can find small, travel-friendly first aid kits that will fit in your purse or day pack at your local pharmacy or through an online retailer.


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