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Top Three Essential Yoga Poses for Nurses to PracticeBy Yogawoman Posted 29-Aug-2017



Are you a registered nurse working hard in your field? Perhaps you haven't yet graduated from your online nursing degree program at a school such as Rutgers Online , but are looking for ways to ensure you have a rewarding and long career. Staying healthy and fit is one way to help ensure that your career in the medical field has longevity, but working out in a gym and training with weights isn’t for everyone, nor is it the only option.

Yoga could be the perfect workout to add to your daily routine. Yoga has been shown to lower the amount of stress you have. It also helps to increase your flexibility and mobility, which can prevent injuries from taking place, it helps to build strength and muscle tone, and it can even help you lose weight. All these factors can help you become a better and stronger registered nurse.

So, whether you are still a student studying for an online BSN program, or you’re well into your career, here is a look at the top three essential yoga poses you can practice.

Chair Pose – the Ultimate Pose to Learn

If you're looking for the absolute best pose out there for nurses, it's hard to beat the chair pose. This particular pose is tailor-made for those who spend long amounts of time on their feet and bending over. This, of course, sums up a nurse's shift perfectly. The chair pose works to build strength in your back, knees, and legs, as well as your core.

By building up the strength in these areas, it will help you to prevent injuries from occurring. This particular pose is also great for your spine, as it lengthens it. This means that lower back pain will also be less likely. You can practice this pose daily to achieve the best results.

Legs Up the Wall - Ideal for Those Who Spend Time on Their Feet

Here is another pose that is ideal for nurses since they spend so much time on their feet. The legs up the wall pose not only feels fantastic it also helps if you are suffering from back pain. It can offer relief pretty much right away and helps to increase blow flow in your lower back. This pose is ideal for promoting circulation, relieving any tension you are feeling in your feet in legs, and is also very relaxing.

This pose can be done daily and is best at the end of your shift when you first get home.

Locust Pose - Better Your Posture

Proper posture is incredibly important for nurses who spend long amounts of time bending, standing on their feet and moving around. The locust pose works to improve your posture by strengthening the muscles in your spine. You can perform this pose at home before you head off to work or after work.

Build Your Strength Through Yoga

Yoga is a wonderful way to build strength in your body, as well as increase your flexibility and mobility. All of this is necessary to be able to perform the physically taxing job of nursing.



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    Staying healthy and fit is one way to help ensure that your career in the medical field has longevity



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