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CD: Sanctuary


Music has always been a catalyst in De Lory's life. "It's my yoga," she says. "It connects me to the divine." She was raised in a musical home in Calabasas, CA. Her grandfather played cello and upright bass for the Warner Brothers Studio Orchestra, working on some of Hollywood's most classic films, like "Casablanca" and "Gone With The Wind." Her mother was a singer and dancer and her father, the legendary musician and producer Al De Lory, played keyboards with Phil Spector's Wrecking Crew. He contributed keyboards to the Beach Boys landmark album Pet Sounds and produced Glen Campbell's classic hits of the 60s and 70s, like "Wichita Lineman" and "By The Time I Get to Phoenix." He's been inducted into the Country Hall of Fame. Donna made her professional debut at age eight singing a Recipe dog food commercial.

Barely a teenager, she contributed vocals to projects by Kim Carnes, Barry Manilow, Santana and even the Rocky II soundtrack. She even crooned the theme song for Disneyland's "It's A Small World" ride. When Donna was sixteen, she moved to Nashville, where her father found a professional home in that city's recording industry mecca of Music Row. As a Los Angeles teenager encountering the Southern temperament of Nashville, she was initially perplexed but quickly found a community of like-minded free spirits. "I hung out on Music Row singing demos and made friends with a lot of songwriters," Donna recalls. "I worked in a vegetarian restaurant, became vegetarian, the first step on the path toward the life I'm living now.

Being around songwriters and seeing the attention they paid to their craft inspired me. I decided I wanted to be an artist and a songwriter. I picked up a guitar and realized I had a talent for it." Following high school and with aspirations of becoming a performer, Donna returned to LA to study dancing, singing and acting … and found the transition back to California as an adult just as challenging. Now, with her ever-evolving spiritual music and studies, De Lory has found her own haven. It is reflected intimately in her writing on Sanctuary , via songs like the title track and her deeply moving adaptation of "Locah Samastah," with which she ended her set on this humid July night at Jivamukti Yoga Center. The joy and tenderness exhibited between performer and audience was palpable, ecstatic and moving; and De Lory grinned as the crowd sweetly sang along with her."Playing music is my Yoga, it is my bliss," she said later that night, a very tired, very pregnant, but very happy woman.

"Being able to sing and create is the gift that I have to give and I realize this more and more everyday. When I play, I get lost in the music, my mind stops, I am in the moment and I am free. This is a place I never want to leave."


1)What is the inspiration for your music?
Complete gratitude for having been blessed to be a part of this amazing life!!

2) How does your yoga and spiritual life shape your music?
I get so many ideas for my music when I am in Yoga class. I am reminded to connect to myself to the truth of who and what I am as well as feeling the oneness that we all share.

3) Tell us how the practice of kirtan/spiritual music can become part of the life of a women doing yoga and the benefits of this practice?
To create sound in the body is so important. I believe we can heal ourselves with the vibration of singing and chanting. The more we vocalize from a positive place we manifest that reality in the cells of our bodies and in all aspects of our lives.

4) What do you learn from your music that teaches you about your daily life- please give examples.
Stillness, simplicity. I learn that being happy is very simple when I follow my own bliss which is for me creating music and sharing my gifts to uplift hearts and inspire.

5) As a woman musician where do you garner your creativity, strength and endurance from?
Every moment of my life is giving me these things and I am so thankful. Also form Nature and from my beautiful family now. I also get so much strength from following the path of other artists that I admire like Peter Gabriel.

6) How do you find balance in your life?
Taking time for myself. Remembering my connection to the divine and being in my bliss...Family, music and being in Nature as well.

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