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Two production companies, Second Nature Films and YogaKula Productions, joined forces in May 2009 to create the world’s first feature documentary about women and yoga, a uniquely inspiring film for women today, tomorrow and the future: YOGAWOMAN. 

Producer/Director/Writer: Kate Clere McIntyre

After a successful career as an actor and theater director Kate McIntyre Clere moved into film in 1997. Kate Directed A Year on the Wing, which launched the online documentary genre with the ABC in Australia following the path of migratory wading birds across the planet. Kate was Writer and Directed for A Hard Place an experimental short film that was officially selected for 12 international film festivals and is currently used as a tool with childcare centers and training institutions.  Kate has recently Co-Directed and Produced the award winning documentary YOGAWOMAN. Kate Produced AUSSIE RULES THE WORLD. To be released July 2014 

Producer/Director/Writer: SarasWaTI Clere

San Francisco Bay Area filmmaker Saraswati Clere – founder of Yogakula Productions  owns two yoga studios in San Francisco and Berkeley, that attract thousands of students each year. In  2009 Saraswati, produced the documentary The Heart of Transformation, Anusara Yoga. Saraswati has also produced a line of educational CDs and DVDs in collaboration with some of the world’s most prominent yoga teachers and scholars. 

Producer/DOP/Sound: Michael McIntyre

Michael McIntyre, Co-Founder and Director, Second Nature Films.  Michael was given a super 8mm camera when he was 12 years old and has made films ever since. He has an extensive background and wealth of expertise as a filmmaker. He spent 10 years working as an assistant director on feature films and television series before embracing his first love cinematography.
He has filmed documentaries in Canada, Ireland, USA and Australia. Michael was Producer and DOP on the award winning documentary YOGAWOMAN.  Michael's latest film AUSSIE RULES THE WORLD which he has Directed and Co-Produced. Theatrical Release July 2014. He was born in Tasmania, Australia.

Editor: Melanie Sandford

Melanie Sandford is one of Australia’s most experienced documentary film editors. Melanie has worked in the Australian film industry for more than 20 years. Her work includes: An Imaginary Life – David Malouf (Winner, Golden Spire USA), Myths of Childhood (Winner, Gold Medal Human Relations NY USA), Australians At War (AFI nomination for best editing), and the multi-award winning Stories From the Stone Age (Roger Scholes, director). Melanie is passionate about making a difference and contributing to the next generation of filmmakers, and she regularly travels to Burma to teach the workshop ‘The Art of Documentary Filmmaking’ in Yangon.

Editor: Wayne Hyett

Documentaries and children’s drama and have been a specialty for editor Wayne Hyett A.S.E. His career, spanning over 24 years, also includes feature films, adult drama series and documentary dramas for all Australian television networks and international audiences. In 2004 Wayne was awarded accreditation by the Australian Screen Editors Guild “In recognition of excellence in screen editing and outstanding contribution to Australian screen culture.” Recently, at the 2010 RealScreen Factual Entertainment Awards, Wayne was awarded Best Editing for the December Films, Catching Cancer. Drama credits include The Castle, The Murray Whelan Series, Stingers, The Games, Wicked Science, The Elephant Princess and Pirate Island. Other documentary highlights include the major ABC series Captain Cook – Discovery and Obsession, the science film Immortal and social documentaries The Kindness of Strangers and What to do about Whales?

Composer: Jim Fish

Jim Fish is a composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist who has scored a number of documentaries including Shellschocked (first screened ABC TV in 2000), Oops, Wrong Planet (2008, Beyond International) and What to do about Whales?. With his band the Coffee Protection Society, Jim has released three acclaimed albums. The Sydney Morning Herald said Jim's song What Else is there? was “the best Bacharach-style song Burt never wrote.” Published by Perfect Pitch, Jim has written songs for illustrious vocalists such as Dave Mason (the Reels), Brendan Gallagher (Karma County) and Virna Sanzone, and has co-written with Linda Janssen (Wicked Beat Sound System). Jim is the father of two boys and was recently married for the second time.

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