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Abby Wills, a Yoga Education instructor, teaches kids and teens at public, private and yoga schools in Los Angeles, California. Abby has 16 years experience teaching children, Abby is devoted to sharing the light of yoga with youth of all ages. Abby facilitates teacher trainings internationally. She is continuing her studies in the Human Development department at Pacific Oaks College, where she seeks to learn new ways to effect social change through critical pedagogy and yoga.

With over seventeen years experience teaching children, Abby Wills is devoted to sharing the light of yoga with youth of all ages. Her teaching is informed by the yoga traditions of the Krishnamacharya lineage, Tantric views and practices, as well as progressive, constructivist theories of development. Most recently, Abby co-created Shanti Generation Yoga Skills for Youth DVD and co-founded Shanti Generation Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to making yoga more accessible to youth and teachers.


I find with yoga, kids come and they can just be themselves, they don’t have to necessarily accomplish anything particular. They don’t have to be anything other than what they are. And that pace of just being is, uh, is powerful for them. Because it gives them a chance to really check in, to not be so concerned with what the rest of the world is doing, what the rest of the world expects of them. Just get to know who they, you know, their own desires, their own purpose in the world.

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