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Narrated by
academy award

Mary Wanjiru


Everybody should practice yoga because it is a medicine for our mind and body. I feel connected to everyone in the world who practices yoga.I feel we are the leaders of the world.

My best class is in Kibera, the largest slum in Africa, at a center where I teach acrobatics, yoga and dance. Baron visited this center and I was very proud of the work I was doing and so was he. Normally now I see everything is easy; although no one is perfect. I normally focus on what I am giving to my community. Since I was born I was living in the slums and it makes me feel like I needed to start there to make a change. I know how life is in the slums, and making lives better is important. We can fight the violence through doing yoga.

When I started teaching yoga I felt like I had to force people to come to class. We only had 10 people and it seemed like they were giving up, but they called more people and the class has really grown. They're now excited about yoga because they've seen the change. Yoga is like a medicine to ourselves.


Yoga changed my life. I couldn’t teach anybody. Now I can teach, I can stand in front of a
million people and teach them yoga. I’m strong in yoga. I’m strong in my mind, in my body,
everywhere I’m strong.

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