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yoga foodLoving what you eat

There are so many great health benefits for sauerkraut and it makes every meal so delicious.. Love eating raw with my yoga lifestyle. My kids love it too!.
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Prep Time: 20 mins , Cook Time: nope

    Half an organic red cabbage
    Half an organic white cabbage
    4 x large beetroot
    4 x large teaspoons sea salt


Clean large jar or 2- can sterilize in boiling water Slice thinly cabbage Peel and grate beets Place all in large bowl Add salt Find somewhere comfortable and spend 10 minutes massaging in salt - till all mixed and some liquid starts Put in jars and press down packing ingredients in Fill to brim and tighten lid It takes about 5 days till ready and there may be some spillage of red water- I put mine on a saucer to collect during week Eat and enjoy with every meal!

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