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I love adding this side dish to any meal lunch or dinner. Goes well with salad, rice, baked potatoes, vege curry, Spicy, fried and delicious

Spicy tofu and Cilantro


Prep Time: 8 mins , Cook Time: 10 mins

    1 x packet of fresh firm organic tofu cubed
    Olive oil
    1 x clove garlic crushed
    I x nugget of ginger finely sliced
    2 x tablespoon of slivered almonds
    1 x bunch of roughly chopped cilantro/coriander
    Half a green bell pepper finely sliced- optional
    2 x tablespoons of sweet chilli sauce
    Warm pan with splash of olive oil, adding garlic and ginger
    Lightly saute
    Add cubed tofu in pan and brown all sides
    For last few minutes add almonds and bell pepper to lightly cook
    When cokked add chilli sauce and saute for 30 seconds
    Place in serving bowl with cilantro and serve hot or cold


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