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Hi, my name is: Jess Z Hicks
Location/City: Belmont, MA, US
Jess Z Hicks


I do yoga because: I always have enjoyed the postures.
After the births of my twins, yoga helped to heal my body from a cesarean section and then, after the birth of my youngest, to heal my body and mind from a VBAC and post-partum anxiety.
Asana and meditation have helped me learn to love myself and to take care of myself after decades of doing otherwise.
Yoga helps me to grow and focus my compassion for myself and for all beings so that I can channel my energies and make positive changes where I am able to do so.
Yoga helps buy me time between stimulus and my response, which fosters thoughtfulness in my relationships, especially in parenting and teaching.
Yoga helps to keep me young in body, mind, and spirit!