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Hi, my name is: Lucciana Alemany
Location/City: Brazil
Lucciana Alemany


I do yoga because: make me feel a better person, through the fact I get to know myself on a daily practise, finding my weaknesses and slowly turning them into my strengths, not only physically, but mentally and spiritually.I am a yoga teacher, owner of Bikram Yoga Mallorca, LaLucci yoga wear & The Nail Gallery, formal Lawyer and interior designer. I love teach and learn from my students, I love practise and learn from whatever teacher is out there even the bad one can teach you something lol. I can 2 begging of heart attack previous my yoga life, smoked and drink quite a lot, now that is all pass, I had a hip and wrist surgery in 2014 and my doctors where amused how fast I was bad on track again. THANK TO YOGA.