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Hi, my name is: Nina Triolo
Location/City: Long Island, New York
Nina Triolo


I do yoga because: It gave me back my life!
I experienced my first yoga class in Sedona, Arizona in 1996. I thought it was a little slow, but during the savasana there was this sense of calm that flowed through my body. It was new to me and I knew I wanted to experience more. I continued with a weekly class and returned to my mat more frequently when stress crept into my life.
Ten years ago I started having major health issues. I saw many 'specialists', tried every alternative, but nothing helped. I turned back to my mat on a daily basis. The more I practiced, the more my body recovered. I took my first trip to Kripalu in Lenox Massachusetts. A week long workshop of yoga and meditation set me on my path to healing. Yoga allowed me to connect to my body. I was able to listen to it'scues. I found a new doctor and found out I had been misdiagnosed for 5 years. Realizing I needed to make life changes, at 51 years old, I became a yoga teacher.I live my yoga. Not just the asanas on the mat, but all aspects of yoga guide my life. I love sharing this beautiful gift with others and I am currently enrolled in Kripalu's500 hour certification. My goal is to guide others into this wonderful, healing life style.