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YOGAWOMAN SELFIESRosemary Scognamiglio

Hi, my name is: Rosemary Scognamiglio
Location/City: Sydney
Rosemary Scognamiglio


I do yoga because: nothing makes me feel as good or allows me to make others feel as good as yoga....(except maybe my lasagne! )Here is a selfie and below is my story:7)
I am a student at Dee Why School of yoga on Sydney's Northern Beaches. The school itself has been operating since 1993. Around 120 students attend classes every week here, and thousands have laid in savasana in this beautiful authentic space. I have been practicing yoga for 10 years and 2 years ago decided to dive deeper into my practice, spiritually, mentally and physically, and embark on a 600 hour teacher training course at The Yoga Institute in Cammeray. Nothing like "all or nothing". When I began my training i was stripped back. I emptied my cup to make way for the new. And, it was...overwhelming, fresh and completely new. One could say I had an "Aaaaatha" moment. I never thought I would feel as lost as I was in February 2013. I had several teachers that year. All feeding a hungry group of trainee teachers sanskrit words and anatomical terms. Sipping chamomile tea and struggling to sit on the floor hour after hour. But gradually, I started to acquire new knowledge. My cup started to fill. My yoga practice, in every sense, deepened. Something happened to me in the year of 2013 that I never thought I would feel this alive again.....Until November 2014. Fast forward and I have been teaching for around 12 months, a newbie. I love every thing about teaching, even the butterflies in my belly as students start to enter the yoga room. My yoga teacher and "boss" from DeeWhy school of yoga, his name is Rob, asks me to have a chat after class. No problem, have I done something wrong? Injured someone? Forgot a class? Panic......." I would like to give you this school" They are the words he said to me. "Give as in give?" I said in complete shock. "Why would you do that?" He just smiled and said, " It was given to me, and I would like to give it to you." Is this karma? Or some crazy yogi with a momentarily lapse of awareness?? There are 5 other teachers that take classes at this school. I wondered why he hadn't offered it to them. He said he thought about the others but decided that he would ask me. I never thought in my wildest dreams that 2 years after I embarked on a teacher training course, that I would be the new owner of this most precious school of yoga. I was honoured, a little flattered, but scared to death. Since then, my husband and I have worked hard to give the school a fresh new look. The website is up and running and I have even sent out a couple of newsletters on mail chimp. None of these things came easy and if you had of asked me what what mail chimp was I would have said " A male chimp duh...". I am a mother of 4 and have been a stay at home mum for 20 years, so talk about refilling the cup! Our school, with the support of the most dedicated and extraordinary teachers and students, is in full swing after the renovations and I still pinch my self every time I turn the key to enter the yoga space. I am grateful beyond words. And, one day, when the time is right, I shall pass this school onto someone else.